THE UPDATE: Pattern, texture, color, shine - part 1

by Paul Julch in

You get dressed in the morning and check yourself out in the mirror.  You look good, but what's missing?  Your outfit needs something…..

And that "something" is spelled P.T.C.S.  It stands for PATTERN, TEXTURE, COLOR, and SHINE.  These four things take looks from just fine to super fab on a daily basis.  Check out how we used PATTERN to turn up the volume at our recent Banana Republic event.


print1 - Version 2.jpg


A dark neutral suit - the building block of many a working woman's wardrobe.  It always matches, and looks great with a collared shirt - but it also looks great when you break it up.

print2 - Version 2.jpg


Breaking up a suit with other separates (like this bold houndstooth skirt) is a great way to build interest and get more mileage out of your investment.  If you wear suits often (and this goes for guys and girls), buy two that mix easily, like this black suit and a black/white plaid one. Then mix and match the pieces on a regular basis.  It will exponentially increase your possibilities and extend the life of both suits.

print3 - Version 2.jpg


Pair a checked blazer with your solid skirt, and you've got a completely different look.  And don't stop there - add a patterned belt and colorblocked shoes.  Accessories provide a manageable way to wear multiple prints if you're new to pattern mixing, while still showcasing your know-how.


print4 - Version 2.jpg


Once you're comfortable with mixing patterns, just go for it!  The secret is all in the scale and the color.  Take a large scale print (like this bold stripe sweater), add a smaller scale one based in the same color, and add a solid to break it up. 

Next time - COLOR!.....

All clothing and accessories by Banana Republic.

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