THE OBSESSION: Hermes Cape Cod Watch

by Paul Julch in


I was coveting this watch even before I knew they actually made it.  Someone at work had the women's version of this watch - she had a couple, actually.  One in camel, and one in blue.  And it made me start obsessing over a men's watch that wraps twice around the wrist.  I would look at her watch in meetings and think "Can I get away with the women's watch?  Will they ever make one for men?"  I don't know what it is, but it feels different, more special, unique.

A couple of years later, I was on a work trip with my partner, and one of the vendors we were meeting with had this watch in black - and the obsession was reborn.  But then I realized it was a Hermes watch, and an expensive one at that - so even though I had found the object of my obsession, it was still out of reach.  Damn!

I must have talked a lot about this watch during the trip, because I was lucky enough to receive it as a gift the following Christmas! And it was one of those gifts that almost brought me to tears.  It's type of thing that I will obsess over, but would never buy for myself.  I'm actually not much of a watch person - I just like to have a handful of choices in the morning - but now I have my ultimate choice.  And I alternate between wearing it for special ocassions, and wearing it on any old day just because....