THE 3-WAY: White Bucks

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Memorial Day has come and gone - so it’s time to break out the white shoes!  Actually, those "rules" aren't rules anymore, but it is a good time to grab your white bucks, clean off the scuffs from last year, and put them into your regular rotation for the season.

You can wear white bucks just like sneakers.  Ok, so I wouldn't say that they are a general walking-the-dog shoe, but for a quick potty break before heading to brunch, they're perfect.  Asta is also ready for summer, with his new teal collar, leash and harness.


As far as monochromatic looks go, blue-on-blue is such a versatile combo, and there are so many shades to play with.  It works well with brown or black (or even grey) accessories, and in any season.


Colored laces work specifically well with white bucks, since you get so much credit for the color.  I stole these laces from a pair of blue suede shoes, but you can find a wide selection of laces in many places on the internet.  My go-to for colored laces is hook + albert - their dress laces are waxed cotton, so they work in dress shoes and more casual shoes as well.  Asta likes them too!

Blue button-down shirt, indigo patterned shorts, plaid cap, belt by J Crew.  White bucks by Cole Haan (laces from a pair of Paul Smith shoes).  Watch by Coach (old). Woven leather bracelet by Ferragamo.  Eyeglass frames by Tom Ford.


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Summer nights get cool, so it's time to break out some lightweight jeans.  If you're a jeans guy, get some lighter weight ones for summer - you'll have the versatility you're looking for with jeans, but in a much more comfortable fabric.  

I love white bucks with jeans - the contrast means that both get some attention.  I grabbed green jeans this time, but see here for these shoes with dark rinse jeans.


Have I mentioned that I'm a cardigan guy?  You can't go wrong with a cardigan - looks great buttoned up or unbuttoned, it's easy to take off when the weather heats up, it provides a nice vertical line to your torso, and it can help disguise a tummy bulge if you've had a few too many nachos at the barbeque.


These bucks are so lightweight - I actually forgot that until I grabbed the shoebox for the first time this season.  Perfect to wear all day and into the evening.

Cardigan by Club Monaco.  White v-neck t-shirt, green jeans by Gap.  Blue belt by J Crew.  Watch by Lacoste (old).  Bracelets by Aldo.  White bucks by Cole Haan.  Sunglasses by Oliver Peoples.


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The most traditional way to wear white bucks is with a summer suit, specifically seersucker.  But that's a little too southern gentleman for me (being a native New Yorker), and can be a bit costume-y.  So I am breaking tradition a bit, wearing them with a lightweight wool suit - but I don't think anyone is going to come after me.  I already wore white bucks before Memorial Day, and they haven't found me yet!

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Summer is the perfect season to try new colors - the brighter the better!  A horizontal multicolor striped tie really amps up this outfit, and provides the roadmap for other accessories - a green colorblock pocket square (see my purple one here), dot socks, and fuchsia shoelaces.

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If you're among the shaved head and/or fair skinned crowd, take special care in the sun and grab a hat if you're going to be outside for a while.  This straw fedora with grey herringbone band is an ideal mate for my grey suit, and is a sun-shielding friend during an outdoor wedding ceremony.

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Even though going sockless in warm weather is enjoyable, socks still do have their place.  And these dot ones won't go unnoticed!

Grey worsted wool suit, blue mini-check shirt, belt, hat by J Crew.  Striped knit tie by Paul Smith.  Green colorblock pocket square by J.Z. Richards, from Nordstrom.  Dot socks by Duchamp.  White bucks by Cole Haan.  Colored shoelaces by hook + albert.

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