THE UPDATE: Button up!

by Paul Julch in


Every guy needs a basic blazer or two - and for you girls, a handful of them is key.  The first ones should be solid - for guys, gray and/or navy (they can be part of a trusty suit).  For girls, navy and gray neutrals work as well as khakis and camels for the first purchases.  And a patterned one should be the next addition to any blazer wardrobe.  To make a blazer a bit more unique - a bit more you - you can change the buttons.  Blazers often come with matching buttons, or basic black or brown ones - but adding some color and pop can make you stand out amongst the blazer-wearing crowd.


I chose this spring/summer-weight navy windowpane blazer to play with button colors.  Blue ones came with the jacket, and we updated them to these rust colored ones, which pull out the rusty orange color in the windowpane.  And for some extra pizazz, we changed one of the sleeve buttons to a bright yellow.  This definitely shows that this isn't an off-the-rack blazer, but one I chose to make my own.


If you're nervous about button colors effecting wearability, don't be.  Similar to what I did, you can choose colors that reflect a color in the pattern of the jacket.  Or you can go tonal, and choose a shade within the same family as the jacket, such as lighter blue or cobalt buttons on a navy blazer.   Or go for a contrasting neutral, such as faux tortoiseshell buttons on a medium gray blazer.  

If you're more daring, go for a pop color that makes sense with the season - brighter colors in spring and summer (kelly green on a navy blazer), and more subdued jewel tones in fall and winter (burgundy on a charcoal blazer).  Changing buttons is a relatively simple task that any tailor can do, you'll just need to check out their supply of buttons, or head to the fabric store and find some of your own (bring the blazer or original buttons to the store to ensure you get the appropriate size).

So go forth, and have fun with your buttons!

Blazer and buttons by Franco Uomo.  Pocket square by Peckham Rye.  Shirt and cardigan by Banana Republic.

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