Time with Paul is the gift that keeps on giving! He helped me update and re-energize my look after having two kids and moving from formal, chilly London to informal, sunny California. I've gotten so many more compliments since we began working together and I feel (and look) better, more confident, and more stylish. 

We started by setting goals and priorities, then went straight to my closet to go through everything I owned - he gave lots of constructive criticism about what did and didn't work for my body, and what was and wasn't working in my everyday looks - but he was also gentle - he told me what I was doing well, and took the time to help me understand how I could make small changes to take it up a notch and look a lot more pulled together. We shopped together and he also sent me recommendations to buy on-line - he was very conscious of how little free time I had and flexed to make it work well for me. We even did a quick skype session when I was struggling to put some of my new pieces together.

And he saved me money too - he was great about pointing out where I should spend  in terms of long term value (and where I should keep it cheap and cheerful), and found awesome deals and sales that I would have been too busy to track. The savings he helped find come pretty darn close to covering his fees, and more importantly, he's left me feeling very self-sufficient rather than dependent. While I still value his opinion, he's armed me with lots of knowledge so that I can put things together on my own - he took something that seemed complicated and made it feel easy and fun.

I recommended him to my mother-in-law, who had a fantastic experience too (with a very different set of priorities and needs), and can't wait to set him up with other friends and family. He's very helpful in the context of a new job, a change of lifestyle (kids!), or just when you feel like you're in a bit of a rut when it comes to getting dressed!



Paul has helped me see my wardrobe (and the holes therein) with completely new eyes. Not only did he point out to me my buying patterns (apparently I have an affinity for oatmeal colored drapey cardigans...??), but he also lovingly pointed out how I could create a multitude of new, fresh, and EXCITING outfits with the addition of just a few key pieces.

The BEST thing about Paul is his ability to HELP YOU DRESS FOR YOUR BODY TYPE and look GLAMOROUS! I am tall and long-limbed, and Paul instantly gave me the tips to ensure I manage my figure with grace and promote my good attributes. All of his recommendations come with precision, confidence, lightness, and humor :)

Bring him into your closet, and prepare yourself for a total LOOK and FEEL transformation - you're going to look your best and feel amazing with his style advice and shopping prowess. BEST INVESTMENT EVER.



Paul is incredibly helpful at updating your wardrobe at any budget. He also does a great job cleaning out your closet of clothes that you no longer wear, and that you know you should get rid of but let stay in your closet and take up space anyway.

Paul met my wife and I at our home, and he took the time to learn about our personal style preferences, our likes and our dislikes and what we wanted to accomplish. He went through my closet with me and helped me get rid of a lot of clothes that I had not worn in years. Paul's help in cleaning out my closet actually made me feel as though a burden had been lifted once so much clutter was removed. He showed me new ideas of how to pair my existing clothes with each other to create more outfits than I knew I had. Thanks to Paul, getting ready for work and going out is so much easier and faster.  He also freed up space so I can pick up new items as needed.

Paul gives great suggestions of what to look for when getting new clothes, based on your preferences and price range. He is budget conscious and his suggestions are focused on improving the quality of your closet, not the quantity. Paul's services helped me organize my closet, de-clutter and focus on what I actually want to wear and invest in down the road. I highly recommend meeting with Paul.



Working with Paul was amazing!!! It was the best time I've ever had shopping in my life.

I'm getting married in a month and needed outfits for the up coming events (i.e. bridal showers, rehearsal dinner). He picked some fabulous dresses that I love and that I normally would NEVER pick for myself. I feel he was able to find clothes that really reflect who I am on the inside and present it back to the world.

It was such an amazing experience that I can't wait to do again. Thanks Paul!!!



I originally contacted Paul because I felt like I had a large wardrobe, but a pretty limited repertoire of outfits - I wanted someone to show me how to use what I had in the closet to create more new looks so that I wouldn't feel like I needed to go out and buy something new all the time. Paul helped me figure out how to go shopping in my own closet! He has a great eye for putting together an entire ensemble including shoes, purses, and jewelry. After our session, he put together a look book with photos of all of the different outfits we put together - it's a great tool that I can go to again and again. He also followed up with great recommendations for items I could buy to fill any 'holes' I had in my wardrobe. I've also had him help me prepare for vacations:  we'll shop, create outfits, and he'll put together a look book expressly for the trip.  

Shopping with Paul is great, too! Generally, he will go to stores ahead of time and have items pulled for me already so that we can spend our time more efficiently and maximize the amount we accomplish in our time together. And he's lots of fun! It's like shopping and hanging out with a friend who just happens to be a great stylist. I highly recommend Paul's services, and suggest that a couple hours with him would be a great gift for anyone you know who might be interested in a stylist. You don't have to be rich and famous to look stylish!



My wife bought me a few 'style lessons' for father's day. I honestly wasn't that thrilled with the gift idea :)  

Paul came over the house and asked me some questions about my needs and then we went to the closet. Paul had me try on some things and said keep or donate. Others things he just put in the donation pile. The pile got very big and I became aware that I needed more help than I thought. As the pile of clothes grew, I became more excited about this whole idea. As the 2 hours came to an end, I didn't want him to leave as I felt the need for his approval on just about everything :) I ended up with 3 bags of donations. Somewhat saddened by the money I wasted on clothes that were relatively new that didn't fit well, but excited to look better in my clothes.

A few weeks later, Paul and I went shopping, or should I say, Paul went shopping and I purchased. It was awesome. I do hate the mall. He went to 3 stores before I arrived and placed all the clothes he picked for me in dressing rooms. The fit and style of the clothes were right on. I don't think I ever need pants again. This process made me realize that I never knew what I needed and now I get it. My clothes have been too big for years. Even my shoes :) 

I never would have thought I would have had such a positive experience with your services. Thanks again, Paul. I always say we all need a coach. I never meant a stylist coach but now I will add that to the list.

And one last thing, since I still hate the mall I will be using you to buy gifts for my wife for Christmas, her birthday, our anniversary and Mother's Day.  Please add that to your calendar :)  We will both be much happier with you in our lives.



Paul is phenomenal! He delivered far more than my expectations with his focus on my lifestyle, budget and unique ask for interchangeable outfits.

He empathized and got my style very quickly and then pushed me just the right amount to delight. And he made it all incredibly easy - very communicative, very easy in method (ie shopping with you, coming to my house to rethink existing closet, pinning for online shopping, etc) and he's fun!

I'd highly recommend Paul!



I never have felt like I knew what clothes would look best on my frame. I'm in my 50's and I'm short, and felt like it was finally time to learn what I should be wearing!

I contacted Paul, and from the first phone call, I felt like I had a friend. He came to my house, looked at my closet, had some suggestions, and then I made an appointment to meet him at the mall. My goal was to find a few outfits that I could take on an upcoming trip. Paul did all the work ahead of time, and I entered a dressing room FILLED with possible outfits. I tried on most of them, and found several things to buy.

I've texted him since then with questions about whether a certain pair of shoes would look nice with a dress, could he recommend a tailor in the area, and what jacket should I get my son. He's answered everything promptly and in detail. He's always made me feel like I have his attention 100%. I'm trying to get my husband to meet with Paul, or at least I can shop with Paul for my husband! So glad I met you and can't wait to use your services again!



Need a wardrobe boost?  Want to learn how to shop in your own closet?  Have an orphan piece you paid way too much for and don't know what to wear it with?  Yup, me too. That's why I went to Paul.

He is a gifted stylist, fun, funny and with years of experience in retail. He really knows how to help you look your best!



Paul is basically a fashion genius. Working with Paul boosted my confidence at a time in my life when I really needed it!

Just in our first session, he was able to show me how to put together some great looks from the clothes that I already had. And after just a short time in my closet, he already knew my strengths and weaknesses when it came to clothes, and was able to make some specific recommendations for clothing items that would enhance and pull together my wardrobe. 

I also hired Paul to help me choose my wedding dress, as well as help me pack for my destination wedding trip! Paul added so much value to this experience, in terms of minimizing my stress and making me feel great about how everything looked on me. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone and everyone!



I have wanted to work with a personal stylist/shopper for the last 10 years but was afraid that I would meet someone who wouldn't listen to what I wanted and that I would end up not looking like me. I'm somewhat uncomfortable in my own skin, lack confidence, and hate to shop. My friend Aimee referred me to Paul and I've never looked back.

Paul has spent time getting to know me and understands how to push me in a good way....he gets me. Most of my shopping is now done in the comfort of my own home and Paul is teaching me how to put together great outfits for home, work, play and vacation. He has helped me gain confidence in my appearance and I now enjoy getting dressed and don't freak out when a last minute invitation comes my way as I now have the right clothes and shoes in my closet for any occasion.

I love having Paul on my team!  He has a wonderful personality and has shown me great value.

Edward P


Paul has made the entire process of dressing myself much more simple and painless that is used to be. He revamped my closet to make me get rid of what wasn't working, what I wasn't wearing, and what I really didn't like anymore. Then he pushed my boundaries in the selections we made to refill my closet. I honestly wasn't even wearing jeans on a regular basis (I was a tried and true khakis guy), but now I have both jeans and khakis in my rotation, along with dress pants, cords, etc.

One of the biggest things Paul has helped me with is getting ready for trips. He comes over, asks me questions about my trip, and then pulls together what I need for my days away. He advises on the most prudent way to pack, along with what will work best for the plane ride. Then he photographs it all and gives me a handy powerpoint presentation, that I take along with me. All I need to do in the morning is consult the powerpoint, and I know what to wear.



After many years as a stay-at-home mom, I had a closet full of clothes from my prior life as an attorney, a pregnant/ nursing mom for 6 years and a bunch of stuff I hadn't worn in ages. A friend recommended Paul and the experience has been amazing!  

In 4 visits we cleaned out my closet, figured out my style, my size, my clothing goals, shopped, and created a wardrobe that suits my life. It's so easy to get dressed now and I love everything in my closet! Paul doesn't receive commission from any of the stores he takes you to shop, so his goal isn't to convince you to buy a lot of clothes or the most expensive items - only to buy what you really need to have a functional wardrobe. Highly recommend if you are stuck in a rut!



I did a closet consultation and shopping trip with Paul in July this year, and WOW! It has changed my life. I never really felt comfortable in the clothes I wore up until now. I didn't know what fit my body well or what my style was.

I recently made a career transition and wanted to feel confident in how I presented myself to clients. At the closet consultation, we started with a questionnaire and a pinterest board so that he could get to know who I was, what I needed clothing-wise, and what my style was. This was so helpful. He then helped me rediscover pieces in my closet that I had written off, and helped me incorporate them into my daily look.

The shopping trip was absolutely fantastic! The dressing room was filled with clothes when I arrived, and I got to spend the entire time trying things on and getting his opinion on the pieces and what I could wear them with. I left with two giant bags of clothing and shoes, and have completely reinvented my look since then.

Getting dressed is so much easier now, because I have lots of options and a better sense of how to make an outfit. I feel so confident when I leave the house, and I get compliments all the time from people on my clothes. I will keep going to Paul for shopping trips for each new season!

If you are looking to transform your wardrobe (and life), I highly recommend working with Paul!



I cannot say enough good things about Paul and his talent as a personal stylist. As a busy working mom, I found myself in a common clothing rut. My wardrobe consisted of black, black, a little gray and more black.

I invited Paul into my closet for a wardrobe analysis. I have to admit I was little apprehensive at first, but Paul immediately put me at ease. He brought his own clothing rack and suggested we bring my clothes out the closet so we could go through each piece one at a time to identify which items were and were not working for me. Paul was honest, but gentle, in his assessment of my wardrobe and gave me a detailed explanation of why certain items worked well for my body type, while others did not. He offered a lot of feedback about what I should be looking for to add more color and dimension to my wardrobe and also gave suggestions about which stores (both online and off) would be good places for me to look that would also fit my budget. He wrapped up the session by creating outfits out of the clothes I already had. I took pictures of the outfits so I would remember them.

Paul also provides this as a service and will create a personal lookbook for his clients if desired, as well as personal shopping for every day or special occasions. Watching Paul create outfits out of my clothes was my favorite part of our time together because not only was it fun to see him in action, but it also left me with terrific outfit ideas that I could wear immediately. 

Paul has shown me how to incorporate color, texture and fun into my wardrobe and I am so grateful to him for helping me feel more confident in my personal style.



Paul was an amazing help. I have a closet with beautiful clothes, but really only wore them with the same pieces when it was worn.

Paul came to the house and pulled all the clothes out and put them on his traveling closet rack so we could view each piece better. I feel like, with his pairing of the pieces, I have about 50 more outfits. I really didn't know how to wear them. And I was surprised at how well the other pieces looked together. I would have never seen it.

I am so appreciative of Paul and his keen eye for style that I honestly have only in the last few months bought what was on the list he suggested, when I have the money to buy. It's better than buying on a whim..it is better to buy what is actually needed. I have saved money having Paul put outfits together that are now like having new outfits. Thank you Paul. I highly recommend your styling and taste.

Mary V


Paul has changed my life. Before Paul, my closet was jammed to the ceiling with clothes I loved but didn’t know how to put together in flattering outfits. I would shop a lot, but I kept on buying similar items and wore them the same way. But with Paul’s help, I edited my clothing down to the things that fit, flattered and I loved to wear. He then created a 'look book' for me with outfits and combinations that I could never have imagined. These outfits were categorized for the type of event and offered options to dress up or down. This cut down my prep time in the mornings significantly.

Within days, my clients and friends were commenting on my beautiful outfits, all clothes they had seen before, just not in the same combinations.

Paul also helps me with my struggle to find particular items that I want to add to my wardrobe, and he recommends items that I may not have thought of, but would love to try. He shares sources and websites that I would never have heard of otherwise. He also advises me where best to invest my clothing budget, and where I can save a little. And best of all, he’s easy to work with and respects your time. 

I would confidently recommend Paul to anyone who is looking to update their look or just needs to rediscover their love of clothes. He is a valuable expert with an objective eye and a passion for helping people look their best.


stephanie vedder headshot.png

Everyone needs a personal wardrobe stylist...everyone needs Paul Julch! He is absolutely wonderful to work with! So fun!

In the short time that I've consulted with Paul, he's helped me incorporate more color into my outfits and I've received more compliments that I've gotten in a long time! It's more than looking great, it's feeling great!

Post-baby body is hard to dress and after finally getting back to a shape that is more me, I'm ready to start over and invest in the clothes that give me confidence. Thank you Paul, looking forward to your guidance for years to come!

Erin G


Paul is amazing!  He helped me complete my work wardrobe within my budget and time constraints. He helped me shop sales in person as well as online by emailing me great buys. All I had to do was click and buy.  

He has not only taught me how to coordinate my outfits but has also taught me why I should choose certain styles, shapes and pieces. I feel like I have really been educated on clothes selection so I can make better fashion choices when he isn’t around. Although, I always look my best when I’m wearing something he’s pulled together.   

What an absolute difference he has made! Thank you Paul!!!

Angie M


I have never been more excited to open my closet doors. Paul is truly a gem! He has an amazing pulse on the fashion world and a unique way of uncovering a person’s individual style. His friendly, enthusiastic approach to outfitting makes clear his passion for styling. 

After discussing my lifestyle, activities and day-to-day events he knew exactly how to fill the holes in my wardrobe. Shopping with him is a focused, pain-free process. I am always amazed at the things I end up buying that I would never have tried on! I don’t like to shop without him but have a better sense of what to look for when I am shopping alone. The education I have walked away with is priceless! 

Paul makes getting dressed fun and exciting. I consider it a challenge now to step out of my normal uniform into some more interesting. I always get compliments and feel so much better about what I am wearing. I am so grateful to Paul for helping me stay current and making me think outside the box!



Wow, what a suprise to see that even a casual dresser with no fashion sense can turn it all around! Paul's wardrobe makeover was a fabulous '50' gift from my sister. I would never consider myself a potential client for this type of service, but she works in a high-level corporate position and discovered him via work. She said her redo completely changed the way she saw herself as a whole, not just as a woman 'power dressing' for work. And she wanted to share the gift of self-discovery and redefinition with me.

I work in scrubs all week and then garden, hike and run a household with two kids (10, 13). I was a jeans, yogapants and t-shirt gal and I tend to feel chilled easily, so lots of fleece, too. My dilemma was how to dress things up for going out, family holidays etc. I'm a bit of a clothing clod and was very uncertain about my desire to let Paul into my closet. He had me turned around fast with his super high level of interest and enthusiasm, not just in clothes and style, but in me! He hit my personality profile and style spot-on. He was also super respectful of my budget limits and really focused on the key wardrobe items that I needed.

As with many women, pants were challenging. He encouraged me to branch out in color and style and helped me find things that suit my shape. Along with new outer layers, a few pair of shoes and lessons in accessorizing, I have a whole new view of myself and how I choose to dress. I feel comfy and cute even hanging around the house. Paul finishes the work off with a lovely photoshoot of different outfits, so now I have a library to consult if I ever feel stuck on what to wear. Plus he is simply a pleasure to work with, fun and kind. What an incredible way to launch into my second half-century. Thanks Paul!!!



I dress people for a living, but when it comes to dressing myself, it's not my top priority. Then I met Paul. Can I just say simply the best experience ever?

He understood my style, how to make tricky body look it's best and add a bit of spice. Overall, it's still me just a bit more refined.

I also have to say Paul is also such a kind and caring person with his pulse on fashion. As someone who loves fashion and the transformational power of clothing...I can't say enough amazing things. I only wish there were more stars to give!



My friend who recommended Paul said he's life changing...he kind of is!

At first, the idea of using a stylist was very uncomfortable to me, but he has a way of quickly putting you at ease. He's organized and his process is super efficient. He came to my house to help assess my needs (a lot!...I hadn't shopped in a very long time). He helped me sort through my closet without judgement. :)

Then, I went shopping with him and tried on all the clothes he had pre-selected for me to try. The idea of weeding through racks was overwhelming, so I loved that I got to skip that step. He has a great sense of what clothes will work well on me. And then helped build outfits with my purchases. I get compliments all the time and feel so much better in what I'm wearing. Every time we meet, he has reviewed my file and remembers all my prior purchases - he's incredibly organized. And gets me out of my comfort zone. Paul does amazing work!



I came across Paul because I kept commenting to two colleagues how great they looked, and the both separately told me they had worked with Paul. So, we connected and agreed to a closet overhaul.

Just before we met, I called Paul and asked if we could repurpose the session to look at wedding outfits, since my now husband and I had decided to get married... in 3 weeks time. Paul pivoted on a dime and filled various fitting rooms with dresses that fit my budget and style. We finally did get to the wardrobe clear out at home... but this time I told Paul that I was now pregnant and could we look at the wardrobe through the eyes of an ever-expanding belly. Our shopping trip was so fun, and I returned with outfits that would make me look cute in pregnancy but also be versatile afterwards (think jackets, stretchy dresses, cute flats etc.) Though I wasn't sure about how I'd feel as I changed shape, I've never had so many comments on how well I'm looking :)

I recommend Paul based on his flexibility on what you're searching for, price range and adaptability to what works for you. He's also just a great guy to work with! Happy shopping, all!



There is no simple way to say this - Paul is amazing! I've been working with him for about 2.5 years and I cannot imagine shopping any other way now. In fact, I don't.

Paul was quick to learn my style preferences and tastes, as well as my insecurities, and recommends pieces that work for me and my lifestyle while making sure I still feel comfortable. He suggests items that work for both my professional and personal life, while gently nudging me outside my comfort zone to expand my looks.

I 1000% recommend his services and will continue to use him going forward!



I cannot believe I haven't done this sooner! I'm in my forties and shopping is not something I previously looked forward to by any means, but shopping with Paul is so much different.

He's a professional and knows exactly what to look for, even things I'd never imagine trying on. He's terrific about reading sizes and knows just what to pick out to make you look and feel great. After a couple of hours of shopping with Paul, I was amazed at how much we accomplished.

If you're considering trying out a personal shopper, I highly recommend Paul! He's very knowledgeable, listens extremely carefully, plus he's friendly and really fun to be around. At the end of our shopping trip, I couldn't help but give him a hug. So happy to have Paul in my life!



Working with Paul has been wonderful. He has helped me incorporate colors into my wardrobe that I would never have imagined and the end result is I feel great!!

He is an amazing wardrobe stylist and also an interior designer. He recently met with my husband and myself to decorate our home. He was fun, professional, and came up with some great color schemes that we just love. He created a pinterest board so now we can purchase the items when were ready. I am so grateful to have met Paul and I highly recommend him.

Karen D


I cannot say enough about how much FUN it is to shop with Paul. He has a marvelous sense of style and a great eye for color, texture and patterns. The clothes that I buy while I am with him inevitably become staples in my wardrobe. He is a great listener and truly wants to help you to identify what you like and what you need in order to dress well for your life. 

He is not interested in creating 'one size fits all' trendy fashion statements, but rather seeks to help people to look good and feel good. He is honest and discerning when helping to make choices and also encouraging of trying something new and unexpected. I always receive compliments on the outfits that he has helped me to put together. 

I would highly encourage anyone who wants to feel more confident about how they present themselves to the world to work with Paul to establish his/her best look.


Excellent styling tips, experienced with high end fashion and an honest businessman to boot. I refer Paul for men and women who need a complete closet consultation and a customized shopping trip. He does the work with a smile and you leave his presence feeling polished and prepared for whatever comes your way. Hire him!


Paul helped me find awesome clothes for a new job. I am a weird size and he found things that worked well for my body type. He also helped me go through my closet and put together outfits.

I've gotten more compliments on my outfits he styled than I ever have at work. It's funny, he picked out some things I never would have even considered but they look great on me. He has a fantastic eye and tailors his suggestions to seamlessly match your personality and lifestyle. He also has flexible packages to fit a variety of budgets. Thanks, Paul for helping me make a great impression at work.


Paul is a great stylist and person. He has a wonderful eye for putting together outfits and he makes it super easy to work with him. He helped me organize my closet and out together outfits twice and he adds shopping suggestions to a Pinterest board. There's no hidden fees and you can get his guidance and do the shopping yourself or you can shop with him.

Josette C

I recently experienced a very gratifying consultation with stylist Paul Julch from Urbanite | Suburbanite - it was definitely a worthwhile experience! As a middle-aged cancer survivor who for quite some time was only interested in comfort without much energy to shop, I was really ready to work on an updated look with a professional. I wished I hadn't waited so long to use my Christmas gift of a consultation with stylist, Paul. I put off the consultation because of unnecessary worries, thinking Paul might be too formal, and only interested in high fashion, expensive couture and worst of all.... I thought he would have to enter my over-stuffed closet! 

I was so delighted to find Paul was so approachable, made me feel very comfortable, and he wasn't judgmental on past clothing choices - he really zeroed in on what I needed and in a most pleasant demeanor.

He started off asking me a few questions to get an idea of what I liked and what were my session goals. I wanted to purge, get a more contemporary look, discover what styles worked best for my body, help me avoid looking frumpy, plus advise me on what and where to shop for the things I needed.

We then went to my closet - what a huge relief he didn't even have to go in my closet! (He brought a fold up clothes rack which was immensely helpful. I just pulled out groups of clothing one at a time). He would put them on the rack in a particular order and then we reviewed that group of clothes. He put the items that he thought were more suited to my shape and personality to one side and pointed out why, and then he was quick to point some articles of clothing that were either outdated or not a flattering cut or style for me - and off they went to the purge pile. We were able to cover a lot without me actually trying on clothes.  

The wonderful thing is, after all the good information he gave me during the hour consultation, within a week, he emailed a wonderful personal portfolio which included clothing photos to demonstrate examples of his recommendations, items to avoid, what I should keep an eye out for as far as brands and stores that will make shopping in the future a lot easier. Bonus: He also gave me a personal recommendation for a local alterations person.

I highly recommend Paul Julch and Urbanite | Suburbanite.