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Everyone can and deserves to have great style, no matter their lifestyle, body type, or budget. But sometimes, getting there can be difficult to achieve alone - and that's where I come in. I work with clients everyday to feel more comfortable and confident in their clothes, by developing a wardrobe that works for their specific lives and circumstances. Together, we figure out what's already working in their wardrobe, what they need to fill the holes, and how to pull it all together so that they feel amazing with how they look, appropriate to any situation, and ready to conquer their day.

How do we achieve this? Through sessions designed with specific goals in mind:

Consultation & Closet Audit - to figure out what's working (and what's not) in your closet

Personal Shopping - to fill the holes

Personal Styling - to create outfits for your life

consultation & closet audit

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Consultation: 30-45 minutes devoted to talking about your life, your style, and what you're looking to achieve. I'll also review the standard process and how best to reach your goals.

Closet Audit: We'll review all the items in your closet to figure out what fits, flatters and aligns with your lifestyle, and I'll provide guidance as to what may work with outfit suggestions or alterations.  

We'll determine what no longer deserves to be in your closet and create a 'purge' pile.

The goal of this session is to leave you with all the amazing things that work in your closet, and also to determine what holes need to be filled through shopping.

SESSION LENGTH: 2-3 hours 


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A targeted shopping trip designed to fill the holes in your wardrobe, allowing you to create new outfits and maximize the use of what you already have.

We'll find styles that you may or may not have tried before to see how they fit, flatter, and align with your life and needs.

I'll arrive early to make selections and prepare fitting rooms, so that you're walking into fitting rooms of styles I've curated based on your lifestyle, body type and budget.

I also shop for clients who don't have the time or desire to visit stores. I bring clothes to the house, the bedroom is our fitting room, and I take away what doesn't work.

SESSION LENGTH: 3-5 hours 

personal styling

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A session devoted to creating outfits from your closet, that work for your life.

I take photos of outfits based on your lifestyle and needs for an easy reference, so that getting dressed everyday is a breeze.

You'll receive a soft-copy version of the 'look book' with photos of all your outfits, classified by what makes sense for you. The look book will include suggestions on how to update outfits by changing an item or two for a new look.

I also create look books for work trips or vacations, so that what you're packing is the least of your worries.

SESSION LENGTH: 2-4 hours, with additional time to create the look book



  • 1 on 1 Style Coaching:  $125 per hour, 2 hour minimum
  • In-person Initial Consultation:  $50 for 30 minute meeting when scheduled separate from a Closet Audit
  • Please contact us for information on multi-hour packages paid in advance.  If you do not purchase a package, payment is due when services are rendered.
  • Also contact us for additional services that may be available based on your location and needs.

We travel anywhere within a 30 minute radius of San Mateo, CA for no additional fee.  Additional fees apply based on location.

Any sessions cancelled less than 24 hours in advance must pay the full session fee. 

Fees are subject to change without notice.