One-on-one styling advice gives you the focused attention you need to meet your style goals.  In the privacy of your home, we can review what you own and determine how best to create a wardrobe that makes you feel happy and confident in your clothes.  Then, through shopping and styling, we build the wardrobe that you want and need.


Initial Consultation

Our first meeting is a simple, painless half hour consultation – where we get to know each other, discuss your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes, and the merits of your current wardrobe.  We may ask you to fill out a quick questionnaire prior to our first meeting - both to get to know you and to get you specifically delineating what you love and don’t love about your current style.  It’s also very helpful if you spend some time going through magazines and pulling photos of looks that you like – this will help us better visualize the image that you’d like to refine, or the new image that you’d like to achieve.

The goal of this meeting is to discover the Mission for your wardrobe update – what needs we will fill in creating a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle and expresses your personal style.

This consultation can be scheduled as a separate meeting or immediately prior to a Wardrobe Analysis.  An Initial Consultation is required for every client.

Wardrobe Analysis

Have you ever wanted someone to go through your closet and tell you what to toss and what to keep?  Well this is it!  Together we will go through your closet, review what’s working and what’s not, and decide what to keep, what needs to be altered, and what can be donated.  The result will be a closet filled with what IS already working in your wardrobe.  Then we create the Shopping List – building on what you already have, we itemize what you desperately need.

As time permits, we may also accomplish 2 important tasks:

  • Organize your wardrobe by type, color and season – to make getting dressed in the morning that much easier
  • Create outfits from what you already have

A Wardrobe Analysis is recommended but not required prior to Personal Shopping.

Personal Shopping

A day of shopping, completely focused on you – sounds great, doesn’t it?  A dream for some, scary for others, this is the time when the fun really starts - we get to shop!  The purpose of the day is to find the items that can take you from desk to dinner, from work to weekend, or from errands to evening.  But this time isn’t only about shopping, it’s also about education - we want to help you discover what works best for you.  We’ll show you how to look for clothes and accessories that fit your lifestyle and your body type.  You’ll discover how to express your personal style through what you wear.  We’ll guide you on where best to invest your wardrobe dollars - when to splurge and when to save.  Your newly created Personal Portfolio, the Mission we’ve already set forth, and the Shopping List will be our guide.  

Click here to see a sample Personal Portfolio.

Think of it as shopping with a good friend – a friend who will:

  • Be the extra hands to grab those additional sizes/colors, and all the great accessories to complete the look
  • Objectively tell you what works and what doesn’t – and give you a gentle nudge out of your comfort zone
  • Get the salespeople to help, not just sell
  • Keep you on track and avoid time wasted “just looking”

At the end of our trip(s) we’ll review what we accomplished, and any additional needs.

Personal Styling

Are you ready to put it all together?  Excited to see how effortless and enjoyable getting dressed can be?  Because now is the time that we work the magic - going through your existing wardrobe and new purchases and creating outfits for your life.  We’ll pull together looks that fulfill your needs based on the Mission, and document them for future reference.  And as needed, we’ll organize/reorganize your closet to integrate all your new purchases.

After this session we’ll create a Lookbook - photos detailing your new looks based on occasion, with "easy alternate" outfits that you can create with simple changes.  The Lookbook will then be your guide for putting together outfits that make you look and feel your best, everyday.  

Click here to see a sample Lookbook.

A Personal Styling session is strongly recommended after Personal Shopping.

Trip/event preparation

Do you dread packing for a trip?  Do you think, “I have nothing to wear” when invited to a party?  Then you’ve come to the right place to get your “quick fix.”  Whether you’re going on a tropical vacation, a culture trip to NY, or have a big weekend of holiday festivities, we can help.  Based on our knowledge of your wardrobe and our previous shopping trips, we may:

  • Review your existing wardrobe to pull together outfits for your special trip or occasion
  • Shop for those few extra needed items to complete the look(s)
  • Schedule a Personal Shopping trip devoted to preparing for the upcoming event

The specific strategy will be based on our previous work together, if any.  This service is an invaluable addition for existing clients, but we also welcome new clients who require this service after an Initial Consultation.  

Click here to see a sample Trip Portfolio.


  • Initial Consultation:  $50 for 30 minute meeting
  • All other Individual Styling Services:  $125 per hour, 2 hour minimum
  • Please contact us for information on multi-hour packages paid in advance.  If you do not purchase a package, payment is due when services are rendered.
  • Also contact us for additional services that may be available based on your location and needs.

We travel anywhere within a 30 minute radius of San Mateo, CA for no additional fee.  Additional fees apply based on location.

Any sessions cancelled less than 24 hours in advance must pay the full session fee. 

Fees are subject to change without notice.